Brief – 14 September 2010 – The Institute for Sensible Transport is hosting “The High Cost of Free Parking”, a seminar dedicated to developing parking strategies for sustainable land use and transport outcomes.

Taking place at the Melbourne Town Hall on 4 November, registration for the event will remain open until 30 September.

The seminar is designed to assist in strategically managing car parking issues that result in a sustainable outcomes for traders, residents and visitors. Topics to be discussed include car parking policy and sustainable development, evaluating the cost of current parking policing, parking in residential and commercial development, Melbourne CBD parking levy and its impacts on travel to the CBD, parking, shopping strips and local government parking policy at train stations.

Presenters at the seminar include:

  • Professor Graham Currie, chair of public transport, Monash University
  • Professor Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning at UCLA and author of “The High Cost of Free Parking”
  • Professor William Young, civil engineering, Monash University

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