NEAThouse. Image: Natalie Mendham

Here are all the articles we’ve written to give you the best insight into Sustainable House Day this year:

How to develop a community, not just dwellings – Two Perth couples are demonstrating a new way of developing medium density housing that combines sustainability with creating a genuine sense of community.

Affordable meets sustainable for Tassie builders – Coming across negative experiences as a builder in Tasmania led to a new business approach for NEAThouse founders Jane Tallon and Owen Thomson. It’s one where sustainability is central, and affordability is the name of the game.

How Illawarra Flame inspired a suburban country-style home – For an added spend of around $50,000, the engineering team leader for the award-winning Illawarra Flame house project, Michael Whitehouse, made his family home energy bill free without going off-grid.

How a green roof retrofit made a block into a community – With a whole lot of sweat equity and the help of a grant, the residents of a three-storey 1950s apartment block in St Kilda achieved the retrofitting of a 646 square metre green roof.

Comfort doesn’t have to come at a big cost – For just $20,000 building designer Simone Schenkel and her husband managed to turn a brick veneer apartment with a miserable 0.8 NatHERS rating into an energy-efficient, thermally comfortable 8.4 star property.

Multi-res and spec home builders join the party – Ahead of Sustainable House Day, being held across the country on 11 September 2016, we’re taking a look at some of the best homes on display.

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  1. Sustainable House Day is such a great initiative. I wish there was more promotion of the importance of sustainable homes. It’s a shame every new dwelling isn’t forced to include solar panels and other energy efficient features. I love the Illawarra Flame House!