Count the GreenEnergy savings Mr Rudd

BRIEF – 4 August 2009 -The Alternative Technology Association has called on the federal government to stand by its commitment to include the carbon saving contribution of households, businesses and community organisations in the design of the carbon pollution reduction scheme.

The current design of the scheme, due to go before Parliament on 11 August, ignores the contribution of nearly one million Australians, ATA energy policy manager, Damien Moyse, said today.

“The government has failed to deliver on its May announcement that the contribution households, businesses and community organisations make to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions would be included in the CPRS,” Mr Moyse said.

“Only GreenPower purchases above 2009 levels will be directly recognised when the government sets caps limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

“In March 2009 there were 984,024 GreenPower customers and by the end of 2009 approximately one million households and businesses across the country will not be able to influence Australias emissions profile, despite paying up to 30 per cent more for their electricity,” said Mr Moyse.

In a second major flaw even new GreenPower purchases above the 2009 base level, will not be included in emission reductions calculations for the next five years, he said.

“It is completely unnecessary to delay the contribution that GreenPower makes to reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

“The world is feeling the impact of climate change right now and the time and money that Australians invest in emissions reductions must have an immediate effect.

“ATA is calling on the government and opposition to remove the 2009 baseline to ensure that all GreenPower investment helps to tighten the CPRS caps, and new GreenPower purchases are accounted for within 12 months of the purchase date.”

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