12 June 2014 — After a career in management consulting in some of the world’s most interesting corporate pinnacles, most recently Arup and now as consulting principal at Fujitsu Australia, Steve Lennon has launched a new book that seeks to capture his experience and translate it into a guide on the craft of consulting and building client relationships.

The book, “It’s a dog’s job (but someone’s got to do it)” is an irreverent “manifesto” for clients and consultants, and is billed as a “mad-dog look at the world of management consulting”.

It has some personal observations of the devotion he and his wife had to a special dog, combined with some artful analogies related to dogs, including on how clients invariably seek to teach consultants (the dogs) tricks they already know. And, of course, how to survive the ordeal without embarrassing the client and losing the gig.

Steve Lennon

The book is published in association with Assistance Dogs Australia, which will receive $2 for every copy sold. It is available through www.itsadogsjob.com