Screen shot of the Google map showing all Green Star and NABERS rated buildings

FAVOURITES: 21 October 2009 – Consulting engineer, Cundall, has launched a Google map that shows the location of every NABERS and Green Star rated building in Australia.

The facility will allow any prospective tenant or member of the public to find out if a building is rated and what the ratings indicate.

Managing director of Cundall, Simon Wild, told The Fifth Estate that he expected the tool to stiumulate greater sustainability in the property sector.

If landlords see that their competitor had a highly rated building it would spur them to ensure their building was competitive, he said.

Mr Wild said the map would be kept up to date.

The map will dovetail into another  initiative by Cundall to foster collaboration and the sharing of innovation in the green building industry – the Cool Wall, ( See our story here)
essentially a series of  workshops designed for collaborative knowledge across industry sectors for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

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