11 June 2013 — The world’s first green library for children has opened in at the Central Public Library in Singapore.

Created with environmental sustainability in mind, the library, My Tree House, is the first in the world to be built on environmental principles from design and infrastructure to the use of sustainable material.

It was awarded the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum Award in May, a rating system that rates environmental design and performance, eco-business.com reports.

The project used LED lighting, refurbished bookshelves and sustainable carpets with about one third of the 45,000 books in the library, green-themed covering on animals, plants, nature, water, weather, environment, recycling, and climate change.

The tree house centrepiece has a canopy made from more than 3000 recycled plastic bottles collected from the public.

Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said the library was a wonderful achievement and that the government wanted to encourage as many buildings as possible to achieve energy-efficient targets.

“A lot of thought has been put into the development of this library to create this enjoyable and educational environment, from infrastructure, book collection, to programs and activities,” he said.

“I hope our parents and our teachers can bring the children and students here to the library to check out the treasure in our store.”

Children at My Tree House can learn about the environment through a multi-sensory experience, which includes a “knowledge tree” which is a shadow play wall, to learn about the environment and energy conservation.

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