Surfing amid the garbage in a remote bay on Java, Indonesia

Steel yourself for some dramatic photos released by the Foundation for Deep Ecology and Population Media Center to show what impact our species is having on the planet, in addition to climate change.

Following is a link to a collation by the UK’s Daily Mail.

“Global warming isn’t the only thing to worry about,” the post says. “Overpopulation, pollution, poaching and mining are just a few of mankind’s other harms that are leaving the Earth scorched and ruined.

However, the devastating effects of the digital age, demanding food production and melting glaciers are something most people don’t see every day.

See the whole story:

Siberian tiger skin recovered from poachers. Photo: Steve Morgan, Photofusion, Foundation for Deep Ecology
Tar sands of Alberta, Canada. Photo: Garth L’entz Foundation for Deep Ecology

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