7 July 2014 – Australians rallied around the nation on Sunday to protest the federal government’s budget as a crop of wildcard Senators prepared for their first sitting in Canberra on Monday.

Key for many people is a federal budget judged profoundly unfair, secret and cruel treatment of asylum seekers and a raft of measures to destroy climate action, clean energy and energy efficiency.

It’s interesting – and ironic – to see that prime minster Tony Abbott’s key catch-cry against the former prime minister Julia Gillard as a “liar” is now being turned against him, for his reversal on a raft of pre-election promises to leave taxation and social welfare measures untouched.

The Climate Institute on Monday released a report to show that repeal of the carbon laws, promised by the Abbott government as a first priority for the new Senate, would be a “shattering and historic loss to credible climate policy, effectively granting major polluters subsidies of up to $15 billion a year”.

Following is a selection of photos on the budget rallies.