The Queensland government has forced the Moreton Bay Regional Council to remove reference to sea level rises in its plans, prompting claims this will shift risk from the council and place it on the state, the ABC reported late on Wednesday.

Moreton Bay mayor Allan Sutherland said the government was now obliged to extend the order to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and other councils that had “incorporated the same assumption of a 0.8 metre sea level rise by 2100 into their plans.”

Mr Sutherland said he told deputy premier Jeff Seeney the state government had to direct the council to remove the sea level reference because if the council had done so voluntarily it could be legally liable.

“We will now remove it from our planning scheme because we’ve been requested to do so,” he said.

“That shifts the responsibility from the council to the State government.

“It will now be the State government that will carry the liability into the future.”

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4 replies on “Queensland government to carry planning risk for sea level rises”

  1. The War on Science is getting very frightening, and now threatens representative democracy.

    As usual, the Queensland LNP government is happy to kowtow to property developers wanting to convert vulnerable floodplains into short-term profits while washing their hands of long-term disaster risks. Democratically elected local governments are now unable to act to protect their ratepayers from clearly foreseeable dangers. It is less than three years since the Queensland floods and Yasi storm surge events, yet citizens are today being denied the right to prudently plan to protect their grandchildren from similar events in their region.

  2. Mr Sutherland

    This ASSUMPTION of a 0.8 metre sea level rise by 2100 is exactly that. There is no fact in this plan at all, you like everybody else just don’t know what will happen in 86 years.

    You can expect as a fait accompli I will not be voting for you in the up-coming Moreton bay council election.

    Regards from Bribie Island.

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