Artists impression of Peddle-Thorpe’s design

20 July 2010 – Four teams have been shortlisted by Architectural Review Australia to continue through to stage two of Proposition 2065, an ideas competition asking entrants to design a mixed-use development for a site in St Leonards, Sydney.

Carterwilliamson Architects in association with Studio Zanardo, Hayball in association with Monash University Faculty of Art and Design, HBO+EMTB, and Peddle Thorp in association with Sustainable Built Environments have all progressed to stage two.

Together with the need to drive employment and commercial activity, competition registrar Maitiú Ward says that the sustainability merits of entries are central to designs for the site.

“On the face of it, this competition is primarily about developing proposals for contemporary commercial office stock, and as such, sustainability is of key concern,” Mr Ward said.

“However, we are not looking for schemes that approach this challenge purely from the perspective of an individual building’s technological performance – the jury isn’t looking for the project that boasts the most ‘green bling’. Rather, submissions are expected to address a triple-bottom line objective, incorporating social and economic, as well as environmental sustainability.

“The shortlisted schemes in Proposition 2065 aren’t your typical Sydney office towers, but a vibrant and finely grained mixture of residential, retail and cultural programmes – in a sense, they’re designed to provide the infrastructure for a genuinely sustainable urban community. As such, you could say Proposition 2065 is as much about envisioning what form a healthy city of the future might take as it is about the workplace.”

Carterwilliamson Architects in association with Studio Zanardo proposed a mix of commercial, residential and public uses in their scheme. The jury was impressed by the strategic approach taken by this team, remarking on the clever means by which the design managed a potentially monolithic scale by breaking its primary volume into smaller components.

The jury identified the design from Hayball in association with Monash University Faculty of Art and Design as having the “strongest methodology, supported by a clearly defined urban design logic and a balancing of spatial, social and economic imperatives.”

HBO+EMTB proposed a community green that would link to the surrounding areas, with office buildings, residential areas and retail space above and below the green. The jury was attracted to this submission because of the creation of a flowing verdant landscape that suggested connections beyond the site itself.

The design team of Peddle Thorp in association with Sustainable Built Environments aimed to develop a site plan with a focus on innovative energy efficiency measures. The jurors commented on the way scale and connectivity have been handled in the design, allowing for both permeability and a dissolving of building

The competition winner will be announced on 13 October and will receive $20,000 in prize money. The entries from each team can be viewed at

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