Brief – 22 September – The Victorian Government has committed $100 million to a proposed 180 megawatt solar power station that is expected to deliver enough power each year to run 60,000 homes.

The plant is part of a project pitched by energy company TRUenergy and if approved will be built south of Mildura by 2015, the second large scale solar plant built outside the city within five years, according to a report in The Age.

TRUenergy chief executive Richard McIndoe estimated the plant would avoid 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its 20 year lifespan.

Meanwhile, the West Australian government has committed $58 million for a grid-connected solar power plant to be built in Geraldton in the state’s mid-west.

Managed by Verve Energy, the solar photovoltaic energy project will begin construction in early 2011. WA Energy Minister Peter Collier said at the Energy in WA Conference that the project will become the biggest solar photovoltaic plant in Australia, generating up to 10 megawatt hours of electricity each year.

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