16 April 2013 — National and state environment groups have congratulated the Victorian Premier Denis Napthine on his support for a national container deposit system.

Boomerang Alliance national convenor Jeff Angel said Victorians wanted to protect their environment.

“After many years of trying various programs and seeing only small improvements, the task of littered or landfilled beverage containers remains so great that something substantial must be done,” he said.

“The clear answer is a container deposit system, which, as the Premier rightly observes, has made a massive difference in South Australia.”

Mr Angel said it was estimated that up to 2.5 billion bottles and cans were wasted every year in Victoria.

“There are significant costs on councils and ratepayers to landfill them or undertake litter programs. A modern, efficient and low-cost CDS would save major costs and not have to rely on government or industry funding.”

According to CSIRO scientists and Clean Up Australia Day data, a container deposit system would also eliminate the vast majority of drink containers that litter Victoria’s waterways and beaches, endangering wildlife and ultimately flowing out to sea.

About one-third of total marine debris can be traced back to the beverage industry.

“The long-winded process for a national decision on a CDS is now drawing to a close and the statement by the Premier should help to bring this marathon process to a successful conclusion,” Mr Angel said.

“We will be working as hard as possible, and more, to ensure that the voices of the 80 per cent of Australians who have expressed support for a CDS are heard.”

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