15 May 2013 — BioRegional co-founder and creator of One Planet Living Pooran Desai returns to Australia later this month to promote One Planet Living through free public lectures, interactive workshops and professional training courses.

One Planet Living is a framework and program that makes sustainability easy, affordable and attractive – specifically for communities, councils and companies. BioRegional, in partnership with the United Nation’s Environment Programme, has opened up the use of One Planet Living making it more widely available.

A free lecture on the creation of a Green Economy and exhibition on delivery of a Positive Future will be held at the University of Melbourne on 29 May at 5.30pm. There will also be a a range of Blue Sky Ideas for the Queen Victoria Market created by University of Melbourne students from 4pm to 8pm.

Meanwhile, the launch of the One Planet Councils’ program, along with a lecture by Pooran Desai and an interactive workshop on One Planet Living, will be held at the Fitzroy Town Hall on 31 May from 7.30am to 9.30am. The event is free.

Details here.

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