LETTER – from Sharon Lameris – 27 May 2010 – [Following] are a few words to Boris Kelly, as author of the article [Strata is popular but neglected in green initiatives] …which also appears via a link to the website of Go Low Energy.

Remember that old adage –  never judge a book by its cover?

Owners Corporation Victoria and many of our members are extensively involved with trials and the implementation of sustainable measures within strata complexes as well as sustainable initiatives across Victoria.  We have proudly been for several years and continue to support and participate in sustainable forums run by the City of Melbourne and Yarra for owners, managers and tenants, research programs through various councils, as well as contribute to research being carried out by training institutions such as RMIT. We have also participated in many and varied research programs such as that run by the Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd.  Our members have also individually contributed to many programs such as the SLIC (Sustainable Living in the Inner City) program which are all used as case studies throughout the industry.

There is one main issue however that could have lead you to your assumption that sustainability is not high on Victoria’s priority, and that may be due to Victorian legislation, unfortunately, raising many barriers preventing the implementation of sustainable measures within owners corporations. This is a matter that OCV is drawing attention to and working with other bodies to overcome, even to the extent a Greens MP was armed with information to enable a question in Parliament about the changes that are required to strata laws to accommodate sustainability measures.

Please remember OCV is a membership based association and while our newsletters with continuous updates are posted to all members and non-members who have subscribed, the complete archive of newsletters is accessible from the members area of our website; with various sustainable programs, schemes and initiatives being available for consumers from our Home Page.

We also have sustainability on the agenda for our annual conference in September this year.

Yours in appreciation of any and all support to increase awareness of and ability to implement sustainable measures within owners corporations,

Sharon Lameris

Education and policy manager

Owners Corporations Victoria

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