Andrew Aitken

24 September 2013 — Multi-residential projects with that have a Platinum Livable Housing Australia rating are now eligible for automatic Green Star credits.

Projects with at least 10 per cent of the dwellings meeting the Platinum Level of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines will now be automatically deemed compliant with the Green Star Mat-15 Universal Design credit.

Project teams that can demonstrate LHA Platinum Level certification will now be automatically awarded one Green Star point within the Green Star – Multi Unit Residential rating tool.

LHA executive director Andrew Aitken said the move would make it easier and more cost-effective for project teams to achieve the Mat-15 credit, which in turn will drive a faster uptake of livable, versatile and flexible housing.

The decision is part of the GBCA’s move to make Green Star certification easier and cheaper.

“This new ruling offers a more cost effective compliance pathway to ensure apartment dwellings are livable,” Mr Aitken said. “Very few projects previously claimed the Mat-15 credit because it was costly and difficult to achieve.

“LHA offers simple and straightforward certification, and Platinum Level certification can be achieved at very little cost.

The guidelines are easy to apply to any housing project, and more than 250 individual dwellings have already achieved the seal of approval that attests to enhanced livability.

“More than 30 people have already become LHA Registered Assessors – and the list is growing rapidly. There is a growing list of professionals able to provide advice to clients on how to achieve the LHA Quality Mark.

“We are confident that many more project teams will seek LHA certification, and will be better placed to meet the evolving consumer demand for more livable homes.”

Livable Housing Australia’s Design Guidelines can be downloaded from or the iTunes Store.

Livable Housing Australia is a partnership between community and consumer groups, government and industry.

It champions the mainstream adoption of livable housing design principles in all new homes built in Australia.

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