4 August 2010 – The Planning Institute of Australia has called on Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to address the issue of long term planning by issuing five key planning priorities it says are vital to Australia’s long term success.

PIA national president Neil Savery said in a media release yesterday that a new federal government will need to address five key planning priorities:

  • Development of a population policy for sustainable growth and population distribution.
  • Support for major strategic planning for cities and regions.
  • Coordinated and integrated urban growth management essential for all government funded infrastructure.
  • Implementation of planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation (settlement patterns, food and water security, emergency management and critical infrastructure).
  • Collaborative leadership in planning reform to improve efficiency and effectiveness of planning systems.

Mr Savery said sustainable communities were critical to Australia’s future and current growth concerns can be addressed with good planning.

“There’s no doubt that failures to support strong planning policies in the past have led to the current uncertainty and concerns over population projections,” Mr Savery said.

“What we are saying is that good planning is essential in dealing with a range of issues including urban and regional growth, climate change, infrastructure coordination and population settlement.

“Recognition by both election contenders that strategic planning provides us with a tool to prepare for the future would help to give Australians some clarity about the intentions of any future government.

“Planning issues have become conversation for all Australians in recent months and a firm commitment to good planning from our federal leaders would go a long way to giving the community some certainty.”

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