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Federal government policies, such as plans to wind back the Renewable Energy Target, could put Australia’s leading position on building sustainability in jeopardy, according to the Property Council of Australia.

While the latest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark found that Australia topped the global charts, Property Council chief executive Ken Morrison warned that federal government policy may impact the property industry’s global competitiveness.

“The proposal to wind back the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme would be a significant blow to the industry,” Mr Morrison said. “That program saw commercial buildings use their own capital to triple their solar PV capacity in just two years from 2010 to 2012.

He said the sector needed programs like the Renewable Energy Target and the slated Emissions Reduction Fund to help overcome financial barriers for investment in sustainability technologies.

“With smart and targeted government support, there is no reason why Australia won’t continue to lead the world in property sustainability.”

One reply on “PCA: federal policy putting Australia’s building sustainability lead at risk”

  1. Who within ‘government’ does Ken think could provide ‘smart’ support? Why rely on any party political government to provide any long term future, when their immediate concerns always embrace their short political cycles and the survival of their own particular ‘political party’ species.

    PCA should drive initiatives beyond ‘sustainable’ (whatever that means), to new transformative technological and innovative industries, to help promote the very best values of existing and future built environments.

    “It’s Time” (as Gough famously said at Bankstown Workers Club in 1972). Stop being reactive to political time cycles and related agendas. Time to be proactive. Time to capture and use the collective ‘Wizards in Oz’.

    The political

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