Michael Pawlyn, left; Bjorn Lomborg, right. Photo: Treehugger

10 July 2009 –  BRIEF – Michael Pawlyn, founder of British architectural practice Exploration, took on climate sceptic Bjorn Lomborg at the British Council for Offices 2009 conference in Edinburgh held on 20-22 May.

Speaking after Lomborg, who did not agree to his session being videod, Pawlyn tackled Lomborg’s arguments head on in a three part video posted on You Tube.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

For instance Pawlyn shows the figures used by Loborg and his Copenhagen Consensus made up of economists, were out of date. Instead of the US$2 cost of damage per tonne of carbon assigned by by Lomb to the damage caused by a tonne of carbon, the Stern Report quotes a cost of around US$80. And instead of the assumed $20 to clean up a tonne of carbon, a report by leading global consultants McKinsey showed that the biggest quickest savings in carbon would create savings rather than cost.

Significantly Pawlyn points to the important role that architects are now able to play in helping to shape the outcome of climate change though the advice they can provide to their powerful clients.

Pawlyn also delves into the world of bio-mimicry, the trends to observing and mimicry natural forms and processes to come up with new materials and building systems.

Among the examples he touched on were the fascinating “Eden Project” which created a lightweight superstructure a third of the cost of conventional systems and a heating system using landfill.

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