Paul Starcevich

16 October 2013 — Design firm Woodhead has appointed architect Paul Starcevich to the role of design director in its Perth studio.

Mr Starcevich has more than 15 years’ experience in design, team leadership and project delivery throughout Australia and the Middle East.

His portfolio includes public and exhibition facilities, mixed use developments, sports buildings, commercial and office buildings, hotel and resort complexes, universities and student housing.

As design director, Mr Starcevich’s overarching responsibility is to foster design innovation, quality and culture across the Perth studio.

His approach to project direction and leadership aims to move away from the linear or milestone driven design process to a more “live review process”.

“Succinct, clearly articulated project objectives are required and these need to be established at the project outset,” he said.

“As a team these objectives are then constantly referred to as a method of testing design ideas, progress and direction throughout the project.”

Mr Starcevich said diagramming of ideas was particularly important to facilitate ease of understanding, especially when developing projects across geographies and cultures.

“Ultimately, fresh, challenging, unexpected design solutions come from individual energy. We seek to create an environment where people can freely exercise their talents and invention, collaborating within a shared set of community values, via clearly articulated, considered, progressive projects,” he said.