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Our managing editor Tina Perinotto has taken to the mic to chat to the people on the frontline with the power to address the big ecological, social and financial problems of our time.

We’ve called it “How to Build a Better World” because we want it to be about creating a future all humans can be proud of. Expect to hear from the powerhouses, the up-and-comers and the agitators who are driving change in the built environment, business and beyond.

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In this episode, Tina speaks to Professor Peter Newman, who worked his usual hope-inspiring magic.

He told us why, despite what the federal government says, gas is over and done with. He told us how there are 400,000 jobs in iron ore processing, using renewables, just waiting for us in the Pilbara. He takes us on a bird’s eye view of how big countries, such as China, are navigating the low energy transition. Interestingly, the politics are strangely familiar.

Peter isn’t afraid to get philosophical – he’s worried about Africa’s sustainable shift out of poverty when the global community is turning inwards, reminding us that aid is not just charity, but rather an investment in fellow humans that ultimately benefits us all.

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