Brief – 29 July, 2010 – New Zealand marine energy company Wave Energy Technology has developed a wave converter that is designed to capture power from waves.

Working under the title WET-NZ, a joint venture between the Crown Research Institute, Industrial Research Limited, and Power Project Limited, the converter has just received approval from the NZ government’s Marine Energy Deployment Fund to enable the building of a half-scale version of its device and its deployment and testing over five years.

Executive officer of the umbrella Aotearoa Wave & Tidal Energy Association Chris Turver, says WET-NZ’s progression to a half-scale wave converter is a major step forward in New Zealand marine energy design for New Zealand conditions.
“New Zealand has some of the toughest wave and tidal conditions in the world and it’s already being said that if it works in New Zealand it will work anywhere.”

Approval has been granted for the converter to be moored four kilometres off the Taranaki coast by the middle of next year, in some of the roughest seas in the country.

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