Associate Professor Rebecca Ryan

11 June 2013 — The NSW planning department has entered into a research partnership with the University of Technology Sydney to assist in designing and implementing an engagement strategy for the planning White Paper.

UTS’s Centre for Local Government will work with the government to develop best practice and innovative approaches to stakeholder engagement.

“This is an excellent opportunity to bring UTS expertise across a range of disciplines to support and work closely with stakeholders throughout this significant change to how planning is undertaken in NSW,” said Centre for Local Government director Roberta Ryan.

A program of activities across five engagement strands is being delivered across NSW to assist all stakeholders work with the department and provide informed feedback on aspects of the White Paper.

The engagement activities include online feedback channels, community forums, independent stakeholder working groups, tailored engagement with the local government sector, a broad-based community survey, and an innovative community deliberative panel process. The longer term aim of the project is to enhance the department’s capacity to design and implement best practice approaches to community participation.

Community groups have previously criticised the government for saying it will put the community at the centre of planning reform while removing community objection rights to code assessable developments.

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