19 January 2011 – An innovative  social network website SolaMaps is connecting solar power users around the world.

“While NASA and Google provided snapshots of the Earth brilliantly lit by the burning glow of consuming energy,  SolaMaps promises the connectivity of current online social networks, but with a green mission and desire for environmental change,” SolaMaps developer Steve Ewings said.

The site will feature community chat rooms, renewable energy classifieds, a business directory, renewable energy forums, and its signature interactive map.

“Recent analysis by the International Energy Agency found that solar electricity could represent 20 per cent to 25 per cent of global electricity production by 2050, and there is potential for home PV systems to produce a significant share of any country’s electricity,” Mr Ewings said.

“Collectively home solar installations add up to some serious energy production, and we want these little power producers to have a voice.”

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