NextDC’s Canberra data centre, opened last year

12 February 2013 — The “NABERS Energy for data centres” rating system, a world first, was launched in Australia late last week.

The rating system measures and scores the operational energy efficiency of IT equipment housed by a data centre. It measures processing and storage capacity and determines the corresponding energy star rating.

It also assesses the efficiency of infrastructure services, such as airconditioning and lighting, and combines the IT and infrastructure elements to assess the energy efficiency of the data centre as a whole.

Federal Climate Change and Energy Efficiency parliamentary secretary Yvette D’Ath said it was a collaboration between the Australian and NSW governments.

“With data centres responsible for around 1.5 per cent of Australia’s total annual energy consumption, the new system will provide managers with a benchmark of energy efficiency and allow for informed decisions on upgrading facilities and equipment,” she said.

The rating system will be managed by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the national administrator for NABERS rating systems for buildings.

Ms D’Ath said organisations could contact the NSW OEH for information on the new rating system, including training for existing NABERS assessors.

“Alternatively, representatives of my Department and the NABERS team from NSW OEH will attend the 2013 Australian Data Centre Strategy  Summit on the Gold Coast next week and will be available to discuss the new rating system,” she said.

Details on the NABERS scheme are available here.

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