Edible gardens are moving in

17 July 2013 —The latest trend in home-grown produce is edible walls which can turn small and pokey outdoor spaces – think apartments and terraces – into mini vertical fruit and vegetable gardens.

You might even be able to lean over and pluck a lemon for that perfect gin and tonic.

Need ideas? The first exhibition of its kind in Australia will be held at the Powerhouse Museum as part of the Sydney Design 2013 exhibition.

Researchers and students from the University of Technology, Sydney will build a series of edible walls and several leading Australian green wall companies will also showcase vertical garden designs.

UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures postgraduate researcher Judith Friedlander said the exhibition brought together design, technology, sustainability, environment and education.

“With edible walls there is no excuse not to garden because there is always a place to grow your herbs and vegetables,” she said.


The project is timely given NSW households throw away an estimated $694 million worth of leftover food and $180 million in takeaway food, according to the NSW Environment Protection Authority, she said.

UTS School of the Built Environment associate professor Sara Wilkinson said that in 20 years of research work she had never been involved with a project that had put so many smiles on faces.

“It is a very powerful thing to eat something you have grown yourself,” she said.

“Edible walls are all about using spaces that have been ignored for other uses and growing things in them, which is practical, satisfying and aesthetically pleasing.”

Sydney Design 2013 is on at the Powerhouse Museum from 3 August until 18 August. Details here.

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