30 April 2013 – With the global concentration of carbon dioxide hitting the 400 particles per million mark, Greens leader Christine Milne has called on the federal government to invest in a low carbon economy.

“We are running out of time to reduce emissions and make the transition to the low carbon economy, which we know is going to be the competitive space in this century,” Senator Milne said.

The Greens advocate strengthening the mining tax to improve revenues and cutting current subsidies to fossil fuel industries to help fund investment in tackling climate change.

“Why wouldn’t you address the global warming issue, make Australia more competitive as a national economy and raise money?” Senator Milne said. “The only reason the Prime Minister and Tony Abbott will not touch the mining companies or the fossil fuel subsidies is that they are afraid to take on those interests.”

The Keeling curve, a graph plotting global CO2 concentrations, is hovering around a milestone of sorts, with levels of 400ppm being seen for the first time in human history. We have to look back around three million years to find comparable levels during the Pliocene era, scientists say.

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