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29 April 2010 – Melbourne now has its own zero emissions house with the AusZEH demonstration home at Laurimar in Melbourne’s north east that will produce all of its own energy, as competition in the residential sector for sustainable homes hots up.

The Fifth Estate this week posted a story on a Perth house that claims it too will be carbon neutral.

The Melbourne home, knowns as the AusZEH demonstration is expected to 70 per cent less energy than a traditional home of similar size and to produce all its own energy requirements.

It has been produced by a consortium of Henley Property Group, Delfin Lend Lease and Sustainability Victoria, which states that the zero emissions will be achieved through a “combination of energy efficiency and demand reduction measures, on-site renewable energy supply and the application of a home energy management system, and not through any carbon offset programs.”

The home’s performance will be evaluated against other homes within Laurimar to gauge the success of the project and help identify key areas for further improvement.

Delfin Lend Lease chief executive officer Toni Milis said: “Families right across our 25 communities are telling us they want to be green and they want to reduce their carbon footprint, but they want it to be affordable.”

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The home would function as a display home and then house a family for six months while CSIRO monitors the home’s emissions.

“By investing in a scientific trial, we are making sure that zero-emission housing is a reality for all Australians and that it’s designed and delivered in the best possible and most affordable way, so it can be rolled out across Australia,” Ms Millis said.

Henley Property Group managing director Peter Hayes said: “This home has been designed and constructed so the ordinary Australian family can live in an affordable and sustainable home and pave the way for future generations to enjoy the same resources.”

Laurimar is a 324-hectare community being developed by Delfin Lease and on completion is expected to provide housing for an estimated 9000 residents in 2300 homes.


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