BRIEF – 11 March 2010 – The Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s sustainability program, Grow Me The Money, has awarded McManus Real Estate as one of Victoria’s moist sustainable businesses.

One of ten winners, McManus Real Estate was recognized for implementing a system that has halved paper usage in the office, reduced energy heating/cooling related energy use by 15 per cent and reduced energy use from lighting by 30 per cent.

“There has been substantial cost savings already in terms of our paper usage. With the introduction of recycle bins and mandatory double-sided printing and photocopying, we estimate we have saved over 30 per cent,” said McManus Real Estate Director Tony McManus.

It is also educating tenants and landlords on sustainability initiatives through an updated property inspection checklist incorporating measures such as installing shower heads, waters tanks, and energy efficient lighting, and via ‘green tips’ in its monthly newsletter.

In the immediate future, McManus Real Estate is looking to utilise its prime office location (cornering two main streets) and create a drought tolerant garden to showcase water conservation and landscaping to the community. It hopes to educate and support landlords and tenants on how to promote water conservation through gardening.

“We know we’re just scratching the surface and there’s so much room to grow, but we’re enjoying being involved in something new and feel like it’s a positive thing for us to be associated with,” explains Tony.

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