Mark Ginsberg

6 March 2013 — Mark Ginsberg, who was named US Green Building Council’s inaugural senior policy fellow in December, will work towards “growing and developing the Council and furthering the mission of the green building movement worldwide”.

Mr Ginsberg’s focus will be on green building initiatives in China and India, working with a new US-China Eco-City Council, the China Green Building Council and the Indian Green Building Council.

In India, he will work to strengthen USGBC’s ongoing relationship with the IGBC and attend the India Green Building Congress and Green Cities Summit, continuing the alignment of the USGBC green cities effort with that of its Indian counterparts.

In Beijing, Ginsberg will speak at the International Green Buildings Conference and work with the CGBC, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and US companies to help advance short and long-term green building strategies for China.

He is also taking part in the China Urban Planning Conference and assisting the China Society of Urban Studies in their development of guidelines for Chinese eco-cities, which is a critical piece of USGBC’s overall strategy in China.

As a senior adviser and consultant supporting USGBC eco-city strategy, Mr Ginsberg will also cooperate and confer with groups such as the World Green Building Council and C40 Cities.

Mr Ginsberg will also support the LEED International Roundtable and International Day at USGBC’s annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo.

Council chief executive officer and founder Rick Fedrizzi said Mr Ginsberg was “an extraordinary figure in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy”.

“He has already made tremendous contributions toward helping us realise our goal of a sustainable built environment within a generation, and I am confident his work in 2013 will give us further momentum for protecting our planet and enhancing the quality of life for people around the world.”

Mr Ginsberg said representing the Council was “a tremendous honour”.

“USGBC, with its network of global partners, is actively working to address some of the greatest challenges of our age, and we are poised to build on years of success as we forge worldwide partnerships to promote clean energy and build green cities and communities.”

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