LETTER – 2 December 2009 – I just read your article [Bullies win in timber industry and union war to brown-off Green Star rating system]. We have had very similar discussion here in North America. One point that is brought up is why [the Canada] GBC requires certification of forests but not of concrete and steel. I have not heard a good response to this. If GBC is truly about building green buildings why do they have different standards for primary building materials? Setting a higher standard for wood results in recycled steel being chosen over wood, which results in a less “green” building, especially in a point chasing scheme such as GBC’s.

Shouldn’t decisions be based on something more scientific like life cycle analysis where we would have a better understanding of what our decisions are having on the environment?

Dwight Yochim
National Director
WoodWorks, for non-residential construction
Vancouver, Cananda

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