21 May 2010 – The increased demand for social housing due to increasing homelessness and mortgage stress allows our state and federal governments to respond and enforce their high-density agenda onto our most vulnerable –  part of Kevin Rudd’s “big Australia” agenda.

Our population growth is not inevitable and is mostly through economic immigration, and thus is quite controllable.

In a stable population, most houses would already be existing, or inherited.  However, political parties get sponsorship money from these pro-growth groups, and more people means more taxes, revenues and stamp duty.

A mixture of housing, including “social housing”, is not about preserving our major cities’ “diverse, vibrant cultures” but about making a few elite even wealthier at the expense of the poor and most vulnerable in our society.  Housing Commission high-rise buildings were a mistake of the 1960s immigration boom, and should not be replicated as alternatives to family-friendly housing.

Children should have a front and back yard, and have room to play, pets, trees and safety.  Kevin Rudd’s population drive is eroding our lifestyles, and is not sustainable.  Our suburbs should not be a resource for developers!

Current crises like peak oil, the global population blow-out and climate change demand for more functional, sustainable cities rather than heat-trapping high-rises, environmentally-destructive urban sprawl and concrete infrastructures.

Vivienne Ortega
Heidelberg Heights

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