From Climate Spectator – 3 September 2010 – The missing link in Australia’s climate change debate – a strong and unified business voice in support of a carbon price – may have finally been found.

The appointment of Lend Lease Australia CEO Rod Leaver as chairman of the National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development could be the game changer that the current policy debate needs.

Leaver is determined to revitalise the NBLF committee groups and introduce what he describes as some “heavy hitters” – CEOs from Australia’s leading industrial groups – to call on the government, whichever political flavour it might turn out to be, to act soon on climate change.

Leaver told Climate Spectator in an interview on Wednesday that advocating a carbon price would be his first and bigwillgest priority. “We need to take a pragmatic approach and develop a visionary leadership group that can come up with solutions,” he said. “This forum can set the agenda for how a carbon pricing mechanism may work, and come up with a fair and equitable approach which achieves a leadership position for Australia.”

The number of companies and business leaders calling for a carbon price in Australia has intensified recently, with most being deeply frustrated that they had to put investment decisions on hold because of constant political delays on introducing a carbon price. Read the whole story >>>

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