7 May 2013 — LEED green building certification should be used for all US General Services Administration buildings, the Green Building Advisory Committee has recommended.

The committee, which was established by GSA, also recommended that LEED should be the primary way to show how agency buildings use energy and water and that LEED standards were the most conducive to meet the Energy Independence and Security Act.

The committee has evaluated more than 160 tools and systems since it began in 2011.

US Green Building Council global policy and law senior vice president Roger Platt said LEED was consensus-based and market-driven and had been invaluable to thousands of building professionals.

“Every single time green building and LEED have been evaluated by our most prestigious institutions, like the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council and the National Laboratories, the practice or green building and LEED certification has been shown to save taxpayer dollars and increase energy efficiency,” Mr Platt said.

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