David O’Driscoll

12 June 2013 — Brightgreen has been recognised for its environmental leadership and outstanding contribution to sustainability by the United Nations Association of Australia.

Brightgreen won the Swinburne University of Sustainable Product Design Award for the DR700 LED replacement bulb.

The bulb matches the brightness of an average 50 Watt halogen (720 lumens) on just 10.5 Watts and lasts up to 70,000 hours, or 30 years with standard household use.

A single bulb will save 2765  kiloWatt hours of energy over the course of its life and prevent 2.6 tonnes of carbon emissions. It carbon neutralise after 117 hours of use, just 0.16 per cent into its designed life.

It is 98 per cent recyclable, free from any environmentally harmful materials and supported by a buy-back program.

The DR700 has been adopted for use in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and Essential Services Commission government rebate schemes in Victoria and New South Wales.

Brightgreen head product designer and chief executive officer David O’Driscoll said the United Nations Association of Australia award was a validation of Brightgreen’s efforts to save energy and fight the culture of planned obsolescence.

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