8 October 2013 — Partnering with MobileMuster has helped Kimberly-Clark Australia recycle 20 kilograms of mobile phone components since 2011.

It has also contributed to Kimberyly-Clark Australia’s its goal of increasing electronic waste recycling by 10 per cent by 2015.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility manager Jacqueline Fegent-McGeachie said the company wanted to develop an employee e-waste recycling program to divert old mobile phones from landfill.

MobileMuster recycling manager Rose Read said ensuring the securing and safety of business data was an important concern when considering where and how to recycle old electronic gadgets.

“It can even be a matter of privacy law to protect sensitive materials and data,” she said.

“At MobileMuster every single mobile is dismantled and smelted down to its core components in the recycling progress ensuring that no data could ever be recovered.”

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