6 March 2013 — A new ISO brochure, Environmental labels and declarations – How ISO standards can help, will ensure that environmental claims made on products or labels can be trusted.

The free brochure gives a concise and clear introduction to the ISO 14020 standard dealing with different aspects of environmental labels and declarations.

“With the relentless focus on climate change and health, consumers are becoming more interested in less tangible product attributes such as the ethical and environmental aspects of a product’s production and supply,” the brochure says.

“In response to this, manufacturers often voluntarily choose to provide information concerning the environmental aspects of their products on labelling and in advertising.

“The problem is that such information can leave a lot to be desired. It may be may be scientifically inaccurate or, even when accurate, confusing to the consumer.”

The brochure is available from the ISO Store and ISO national member institutes.

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