Clinton Squires

Carpet tile manufacturer Interface has announced it has moved to 100 per cent renewable energy through a combination of energy efficiency and energy certificates.

Interface enlisted commercial energy procurement specialist Energy Action to do an onsite audit, which identified savings including skylight replacement, efficient lighting and ongoing energy monitoring.

“I’m not aware of any Australian manufacturers who have invested in green energy as we have at Interface,” Australian chief executive Clinton Squires said.

Mr Squires said procuring green energy could be expensive if energy efficiency wasn’t first tackled.

“We made a number of sweeping changes at our manufacturing facility,” he said. “One simple program was the replacement of aging skylights which had lost much of their transparency, enabling us to cut down on lighting during daylight hours. This alone reduced our energy use by 20 per cent.”

The factory also has a zero waste to landfill program, which is part of its larger Mission Zero strategy, which aims to eliminate all negative impacts the company has on the environment by 2020.

“For Interface, the switch to renewable power is a must and a crucial part of our Mission Zero commitment to have no net impact on the environment by 2020.”

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