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Here are 12 things in the sustainability space which inspired me this year:

  1. China becoming No 1 in the world for wind power capacity and dominating in PV production and solar hot water installation
  2. California’s Proposition 23 vote where the new (technology) industry out lobbied the old (fossil fuel) industry and Californian’s voted to go forward on their climate change policy
  3. New Zealand launching its emissions trading scheme
  4. The City of Sydney bringing alive its Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision with projects around the city and a real sense of purpose
  5. Norway pledging a billion dollars to Indonesia for a two year halt to rainforest clearance
  6. BHP helping set higher minimum expectations around carbon management in Australia by demanding a price on carbon
  7. The Australian Commercial Property Sector rating top in the world for environmental performance in a study commissioned by major European super funds
  8. Lend Lease not just reacting to markets but creating new ones with the Lend Lease Ventures clean-tech fund and Lend Lease Solar
  9. UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) growing through the GFC from 362 signatory companies in April 08 to 538 in May 09
  10. Four Years. Go, for producing a campaign video that is a highly integrated, inspiring and empowering view of our sustainability challenge
  11. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge where many of the US’ billionaires are pledging to give away the majority of their wealth
  12. Audi marketing green in the middle of the Super Bowl!!

Let me also throw in Bush’s Eco-war on Iraq by The Onion – probably the funniest green spoof I saw all year…

Simon Carter is director of Morphosis, sustainability vision and strategy

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