Solar panels at Portland Ikea

18 September 2013 — IKEA will use geothermal technology in the heating and cooling system of its future Kansas City-area store under construction in Merriam in the United States.

Related drilling and underground work should be complete by the Australin summer, with the system – the largest such project in Kansas or Missouri – operational when IKEA Merriam opens in spring next year.

It is the second US IKEA store tapping geothermal with the Denver-area IKEA Centennial opening with geothermal in 2011.

IKEA US president Mike Ward said the Kansas location provided an opportunity to maximize IKEA Merriam’s renewable energy potential.

This closed-loop ground source heat pump system involves drilling 180 boreholes – 15.24cm in diameter and 183 metres deep – into the earth across part of the 7.6 hectare IKEA parcel.

Pipes placed into these boreholes will form an underground network of loops for circulating 136, 274 litres gallons of heat-transferring liquid (a water-based, anti-freeze solution) connected to 64 forced-air heat pumps to cool and heat the store.

This system also includes five hot-water heat pumps to provide potable hot water needed for the store’s lavatory and restaurant operations.

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