17 April 2013 — Holcim Canada is the Canada Green Building Council’s first Gold National Sponsor.

The new CaGBC National Sponsorship program is aimed at providing the green building industry with opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the built environment.

As a Gold National Sponsor, Holcim Canada is a lead supporter of our National Conference in Vancouver and is also sponsoring the implementation of EcoDistricts – a multi-year transformative initiative aimed at working with professionals, cities and community groups to transform neighbourhoods.

CaBGC president and chief executive officer Thomas Mueller said with the help of “forward looking corporations like Holcim, we will be able to assist both municipalities and community  groups in fostering and advancing urban sustainability initiatives across the country”.

“Sustainable development is at the heart of our business strategy and we continuously look for ways to work alongside communities, organisations and government to transform our built environment and create a catalyst for sustainable behaviour change.

The National Conference and Expo 2013 is taking place this year in Vancouver from 4-6 June and will feature sustainability speakers and networking events including a keynote address by environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Junior and urbanist Jeb Brugmann.

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