Brief – 21 July 2010 – Harvey Norman has reached an agreement with Ceramic Fuel Cells to stock their BlueGen gas-to-elecricity generators (view our story on fuel cells here).

The generators will initially be sold through Harvey Norman’s commercial division to government bodies and commercial clients, with a view to later supply the units through its retail stores.

“Initially BlueGen units will not be sold through the Harvey Norman retail stores, however the long-term plan is to leverage the extended reach of the entire Harvey Norman retail stores to the consumer market,” the company said in a press release.

At a cost of $55,000 including installation, the BlueGen units use fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity. According to Ceramic Fuel Cells the units can in one year produce twice the electricity needed for the average home, with excess power put into the grid. The units also produce enough heat for hot water for an average home.

A a recent CSIRO report has determined that in New South Wales a 2-kilowatt BlueGen unit, when operating continuously, can save between nine and 25 tonnes of carbon emissions a year compared to grid power and an electric hot water system.

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