BRIEF – 24 March 2010 – Environment groups have welcomed the Victorian Government’s decision to increase the landfill levy, predicting the resumption of 12 major recyling projects and the creation of 1290 new jobs.

According to the Boomerang Alliance, a Sydney based network of leading environmental groups, the new levy is expected to offset commodity downturns experienced by recyclers since the global financial crisis, with 12 major recycling projects put on hold by the crisis now predicted to resume.

“Our research indicates that the Government’s decision will likely see at least 12 major recycling projects go ahead. This will see the private sector invest some $585million – creating at least 1290 new green jobs,” said Boomerang Alliances national campaign director, Dave West.

“The combined impact of increasing landfill levies and a $28million investment into new recycling infrastructure will create a massive boost for both the state’s economy and environment,”

“On the environmental front, this package should increase the state’s recycling by at least 950,000 tonnes per annum taking Victoria’s overall recycling rate from just under 62 per cent to over 71 per cent, amongst the best in Australia,” concluded West.

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