21 February 2011 – It’s countdown to Green Cities 2011 – the sustainable property industry’s lead event for the year, and maybe some fireworks, knowing that Bjorn Lomborg (has he/ hasn’t he recanted from his position as major climate skeptic?) will be up on stage.

The appearance of uber-green Michael Green from Vancouver as a keynote speaker, may help throw a spanner in any well constructed spin-cycles if indeed that’s what Lomborg’s public utterances on climate change in fact are, observers say. The Fifth Estate will be there – covering all the action. Send along any suggestions for coverage or your own thoughts and reactions which we can publish in Spinifex  – your forum.

Other speakers include Esther M. Sternberg,  author of  Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being, who in her keynote presentation on Monday talk about the impact of the environment on our immune system, senses and emotions and Jeb Brugmann a “leading strategist and innovator with a vision for sustainable, productive and liveable cities.”

You can still register. Details

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