Gunter Pauli, on the Blue Economy. A powerful performance from a master of exciting and lucrative sustainable enterprises
In the words of one delegate, “today was the best day of Green Cities I’ve ever been too.” Another said, they loved the single (not split) sessions
Brookfield Multiplex’s Lauren Haas and Warwick Johnson
Elaine Prior, Citi, Craig Roussac, Green Buildings Alive (left), and Nicholas Burt, Facility Management Association
Opening cocktails
David Parken, Australian Institute of Architects, left, and John Connor
Networking in the “forest”
Gunter Pauli’s news on how much money you can make from cultivating fly larvae
Peter Verwer, Property Council of Australia (left) and The Climate Institute’s John O’Connor on what words could replace sustainability
WSP took to high fashion to fight climate change. See our coverage

Blaire Palese of called for more exposure for Australia of the huge range of activities and actions on climate change around the world
Green Building Council chief executive Romilly Madew at the opening cocktails at 30 The Bond, Sydney
Presentations at The Hub, in the Exhibition Hall
PVC and Pals didn’t turn up but the copper pipe people did. Complete with sculpture. Pictured, Kembla’s Jason Martinez

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