Elena Bondareva: “We are passionate about harnessing all the benefits that sustainability offers.”

By Tina Perinotto…

Its amazing how quickly a targeted discussion about an important issue can gain momentum. At the Green Cities conference in Brisbane in early March this year, inevitable musings over the question of where to next for the green building movement have sparked what looks like a new wave of enthusiasm from a huge range of individual industry practitioners to take forward the green building agenda.

At the centre of the talks is Thinc Projectsconsultant, Elena Bondareva, who first contributed an article to our inaugural edition of The Fifth Estates newsletter, Movement Looking for Direction.

Bondareva tells us that “over coffee and in informal gatherings more than 100 industry professionals have met in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane are exploring where the next quantum shift towards sustainability might come from, and how they can help catalyse it.”

The meetings are designed purely for individuals to “constructively fuel discussions,” Bondareva says, and have started with a talks with a range of industry leaders to find ways to support initiatives.

We are passionate about harnessing all the benefits that sustainability offers. This is a very opportune time to push for broad systems change,” she says.

“A number of industry leaders we know and respect have been on the frontlines, and the success of the green building movement has been tremendous. And more is possible. So as individuals, were ready to share responsibility and offer support; to step up and pitch in.

“The ideas address cross-sector collaboration and holistic sustainability, so the network hopes to substantially expand its expertise beyond green and beyond building.

Nearly 100 industry professionals have become engaged so far, with more green building practitioners, educators, planners, landscape architects and other joining in weekly to help thrash out possible contributions.”

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