GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew

11 April 2014 — The Green Building Council of Australia has released a scoping paper for the new Green Star Design & As Built rating tool.

The GBCA said in a media release the new tool, an overhaul and simplification of current Green Star tools, could assess all building uses in Australia except for single-unit dwellings, and would cover single- and mixed-use buildings at both the design and construction phases.

The tool, the GBCA said, was designed to reduce the cost of certification while encouraging innovation and leadership in delivering sustainable built environment outcomes.

The move follows consistent stakeholder feedback that certification costs are too high and act as a barrier to projects going for Green Star ratings.

It is also part of GBCA’s push into the mainstream regarding design, construction and operation of buildings.

“To have greater influence in the building and real estate industries, Green Star – Design & As Built will be applicable to a wider range of project types, sizes and budgets,” the scoping paper states.

“With reduced documentation costs and new ‘Deemed to Satisfy (DTS)’ credit criteria, Green Star – Design & As Built will be more accessible for projects that previously lacked the expertise or budget to consider Green Star certification.”

GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew said the Design & As Built tool was more than just an amalgamation of the existing tools, which are split by phase and building use.

“With this rating tool, we aim to refine best practice benchmarks for sustainable design and construction in Australia, and address a host of emerging sustainability issues,” Ms Madew said.

The scoping paper outlines the GBCA’s proposed approach to the new rating tool, including an updated certification pathway, online delivery platform and revised weighting system.

A first draft of all credits will be released for public comment at the end of April, and the new tool will be launched online and available for project registration from late 2014.

“We encourage industry to download the scoping paper, share feedback and get involved with the development process to ensure we deliver a rating tool that is user-friendly, cost-effective, encourages innovation and delivers world leadership in sustainable design and construction,” Ms Madew said.

The feedback period is open until 31 July 2014.

Download the scoping paper.

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