Brief – 22 September 2010 – Fytogreen Australia has been awarded a $4.3 million contract to install 98,000 indigenous ground covers, tussocks and shrubs over a 26,000 square metre area as part of the biggest green roof in Australia for the Victorian Desalination Project.

Fytogreen managing director Geoff Heard said that the company has tested several plant species to suit the coastal environment.

“This is one of the biggest projects we’ve ever undertaken and it’s certainly one of the most
challenging,” said Mr Heard.

“An innovative solution was needed for such a large roof area in a windy, coastal environment.”

“We’ve been growing a prototype roof in Gippsland since 2009, testing different species and
coming up with the ideal blend of indigenous species that will thrive in the local area.”

The desalination plant site will become a new coastal park and one of the largest ecological
restoration projects in Victoria’s history, complete with wetlands, coastal and swampy
woodlands, and new habitat for local fauna.

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