Brief: 3 December 2010 – Six projects to help communities adjust to climate change were announced yesterday by the Federal Government.

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet said the Climate Adaptation Research Grants Program would provide seed-funding of $2.87 million for priority research identified through National Adaptation Research Plans for the following  projects:

  • A better understanding of climate change adaptation needed in the planning of coastal settlements and communities in the Northern NSW coastal region.
  • A better understanding of the impact of climate change on urban planning in the Rockhampton Regional Council area and neighbouring municipalities.
  • Identifying ways to manage key community infrastructure in South Australia against the impacts of unavoidable climate change.
  • Developing strategies to manage the impacts of unavoidable climate change on public housing and tenants.
  • Developing a framework to assist Australian coastal land use planners and managers assess climate change risk and evaluate adaptation options.
  • Developing information and management tools needed to build the resilience of Australia’s seaports to climate change.
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