By Luke Walladge    

From the ABC’s The Drum – 6 July 2010 So, the leader Labor installed to win an election has now asked for the help of the leader they dumped (because he couldn’t win the election) because she needs him to win the election. The leader who got 38 per cent of the primary vote has gotta help the leader getting 37 per cent of the primary vote, after she was installed to boost the party’s primary vote. The leader who the press said was a control freak will be helping out his replacement, after she promised to be more genuine and less controlled than she had been because the controllers told her it was a bad thing.

Is anyone else’s head hurting?

This is a political Escher painting. We need Kevin, say Labor, after we shafted Kevin because we no longer needed Kevin. Dear me… talk about buyer’s remorse. This is the sort of behaviour you get from teenage boys after they dump their girlfriends, not serious politicians running a serious campaign.
The only person to emerge with any credibility from all this is Rudd himself, who turned on the best performance of the campaign from anyone – in either party – during the press conference announcing his return to the national ALP effort. Forceful, believable, hell even likeable. Who woulda thunk that a few weeks ago? Certainly not the Federal Labor caucus, who told us all that Rudd was unelectable, intolerable.

Hi Kevin, its Labor here… it wasn’t you, you know, it was me. I do really still love you Kevin. Wanna come over and talk about, you know, stuff?

It should come as a surprise to exactly nobody that Julia Gillard and the Labor brains trust have suddenly decided that the former Prime Minister might be an electoral plus after all. Having found that playing Opposition from Government wasn’t working, they’ve decided to finally defend their record, particularly on the economy. Only problem was, its hard to say that you were a good government with Banquo’s ghost hovering around the joint, and the inevitable question following every announcement – if you were so good, why knife the PM?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, either, that Rudd’s press conference was the most impressive of the campaign so far. He is, after all, probably the only Labor figure able to defend Kevin Rudd’s record without having to also explain why he sacked Kevin Rudd. He is the only person who can with real credibility talk about Labor’s response to the global financial crisis, talk about the jobs, the businesses and the economy that was saved by his government’s actions. 

Which genius, exactly, thought it would be a great idea to de-nude Labor of this line of argument in the first place?
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