11 December 2013 — Fujitsu’s Noble Park data centre is the first to have been certified under the NABERS Energy for data centres tool, which was launched in February.

The data centre received a 4 stars on the 6 star scale, choosing an Infrastructure rating, which assesses the efficiency of the building services, such as cooling and lighting.

There are two other ratings available, including an IT Equipment rating and a Whole Facility rating for the infrastructure and equipment combined.

Tom Grosskopf, director of the metropolitan branch at the Office of Environment and Heritage said it was excellent news for the data centre industry, business and the environment.

““By rating their facility with NABERS Energy for data centres, Fujitsu are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and helping to make efficient centres the industry standard,” Mr Grosskopf said.

“With the energy intensive data centre industry expanding so rapidly, energy efficiency in this sector is essential for helping to minimise future price rises and improving the competitiveness of Australian data centres. The widespread use of NABERS Energy for data centres ratings will be a central component of this.”

The chief executive of Fujitsu in Australia and New Zealand, Mike Foster, said the NABERS rating provided customers with validation of the company’s use of best practice.

“We are pleased to be awarded a 4 star NABERS rating; it is an excellent reflection of the focus we have placed on this important aspect of our business,” Mr Foster said.